Add Comedy to your Act

Here is a great way to instantly add comedy to your act. I call it captioning. It is like putting a caption under a picture or a cartoon.
Take a look at a point in your act that you want to add a joke or bit of business. There might be a lull or long break between laughs. Study that situation for a moment from the audience’s view, in other words sit in the director’s seat and imagine watching your act. When it gets to that point that needs something funny, freeze at that picture. Now create a line or joke to put there just like you would if you were writing a line for a cartoon in the newspaper.

For example, you may be standing in an unusal way, can you make a joke or bit about your posture. You may be holding a prop, can you think of a witty thing to say about this prop or item. For example you may be holding a bananna for the great bannanna trick and all of a sudden a cel phone rings and you hold the bannana up to your ear and say “hello?” Look confused and add, “I didn’t know you had this number? Can’t talk now, I got a great bunch of banannas, I mean kids here.”
These are simple corny examples, but the idea is sound. Take that moment in time and write a caption as if you are writing a a line to go below a cartoon. Then you are on your way to adding comedy to your act.

The Big Secret:
Take a sheet of paper and write down 5 or 7 lines to go with that picture. Go away and write 4-5 more lines to go with that situation. When you write many lines, you are giving yourself many more options to pick from when it comes time to add that joke to your act.

Pick the best two from your list and try one or the other at your next show. If one doesn’t work, try the other, maybe both would be funny.

By the way to make the bannana ring like a cel phone, just have a toy cel phone in your pocket or out of sight on your magic table and with your other hand ring it.
have fun – make em laugh!


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