Joyce “Joy” Payne -A Creative Comic Whirlwind

Comedy Colleague - Joyce "Joy" Payne

A very fun and creative person you will want to get to know is Joyce Payne. Her nickname is “Joy” and that fits her perfectly. Her joy in living is infectious. She has entertained and delighted audiences for years. She inspires me to do my creative best.

Joyce  is very creative in her approach to entertaining. She also strives for excellence. Her attention to detail is amazing. One example is the way she color coordinates her act, from props and backdrops to shoes and jewels. She explodes on stage in a whirlwind of excitement that grabs the audience and keeps them laughing with her fun and funny presentation.  As a lecturer and teacher, she is equally dynamic as she presents her creative routines, ideas and insights into the art of comedy.

Joy will be teaching and working at the upcoming World Clown Congress put on by the World Clown Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  You will want to see her along with world famous college and theatrical, comedy performer – Avnar the Eccentric. In Winnipeg at the convention, you’ll also see Randy Christenson, Earl Tempkin, Arthur Pedlar from England and other great teachers and performers.

Joyce enjoys serving the children and families at her church and in her community.  She has also served in many capacities in the W.C.A. Most recently as competition director. Her attention to detail is an skill that fits nicely with her creative approach to work.

Everyone’s life is full of challenges. The key to success is to have an open and creative mind. Joy is an example of someone with this great asset.  Joy does not seem to let problems affect her mood and attitude. She has a keen eye that is always looking for creative  solutions.

Creativity starts with attitude. A ‘can do’ spirit and a positive outlook will lift a person and keep the mind clear so solutions can pop to the surface.

I admire Joyce greatly and most of all I cherish her years of kindness and friendship. I like Joyce because, being around her encourages me to strive to be like her.

Today’s Key: Find great people to hang around, some of that greatness could rub off on you!

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