Norm’s Comedy Cell Phone Trick

In this bit of situation comedy we find the common problem of a cell phone going off in the middle of the show. It could belong to a teacher, parent or librarian. This is set up in advance and you ask them to push the ringer button on this realistic toy phone.  Ask them to ring it after the trick with the rope.  The audience thinks it is a real phone. The situation is set.

What they See:

During the act the phone rings. What is your attitude toward it.  Comedy comes from this reaction. You may comment that it’s your pizza guy and order a pizza on the “borrowed” phone. Or like me, look happy and just say, “Good, it’s my doggie calling.  Take the phone and start barking into it.  The act builds as you juggle it. A moment later you almost drop it. Next it is balanced in an amazing way on the magic wand.

How it’s Done: The phone is a fake, with a real ringer. Inside the plastic realistic toy phone you place a powerful magnet and glue it back together. You may have to cut out a hole so that the magnet sticks to the wand.  The wand is made from steel or has a steel tip.

A Final Kicker: As the phone is returned to the owner drop it. But audience then see that the phone springs back up like a yoyo. This builds a final bit of trouble from this situation.  The phone has a ring that goes on the left finger and as the right hand drops it the left hand stays close to the right hand, and allows the string to let the phone go down. When the left hand reaches behind you this action pulls the string and phone goes back up into your right hand. Hand it back and there is a happy ending. As you go back to your act make a quip, “anyone else forgot to turn off their phone?”

The act builds as the comedy is added with the performer’s attitude. The gags come from what seems like an every day situation of a phone going off during the show.

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