The Art of Writing Comedy

Situation Comedy

Situation Comedy is based on people caught up in a situation. The situation can be ordinary or out of this world.  The writer has to begin with a who and a where.  The “who” is our magic character?  We need to think about who we are on stage, and develop the character.  Most of us play ourselves to some extent, but we need to analyze ourselves. We can go to a psychiatrist to discover ourselves or simply save $75 an hour and do it at home.

Basically look at your style; smart aleck, master of magic powers, wise cracker, fun happy guy who can do some cool stunts, science guy, crazy inventor, wild and crazy guy?  Take your style and exaggerate it or build on it. In comedy it is far easier to be yourself than to attempt to be someone else.

Attitude in Comedy

Think about your likes and dislikes and other traits that will make you fun, funny or unique. Look at comedians on TV and study how they exaggerate their attiudes.  Very important is the attitude of the performer toward the situation and the things going on around. Comedy comes from the reaction to the situation. A classic example is Oliver Hardy as he reacts to another fine mess that Stan Laurel got them into.

Study others and learn what makes them funny. Don’t copy, anilize. Don’t steal other’s material, be original. It is fun.

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