Teaching Comedy & Magic in Hollywood in January

I’m excited to be on my way to California to speak in Hollywood for a group of professional magicians. This elite group will meet at the Magic Castle Hotel – right next to the Magic Castle. These magicians are the top performers in their areas and come from all over the US as well as around the world.  I get to share a bungalow with 2 very talented magicians, one has his own TV show in Puerto Rico and the other is a busy professional magician from Columbia.  These two will be a highlight of the trip for me as I get to learn and laugh along with them.

This 5 day meeting ends with the performers presenting at the Magic Castle. The team will have fun will be fun to hang around.  I also expect to learn some new things from the other guest speakers.

The leader of this group is David Kaye, from N.Y.C.  He is one of the top New York City magicians and has entertained for Bruce Springsteen, David Letterman and many other famous families including the White House.  He was also a magician on the VH1-Cable-TV show CelebriMagic.

I will speak and teach on adding comedy to the act as well as demonstrate the methods for a number of my original magic tricks.  I really enjoy making audiences laugh and it is very fun to be a Comedy Magician in Minneapolis, but I am very glad to be heading away from the cold to sunny California.

2 Responses to “Teaching Comedy & Magic in Hollywood in January”

  1. Randall Munson Says:

    Norm, I went to California, too, but I went to teach a bunch of clowns. Actually, to teach at Clown College. The Clown Camp in La Crosse, WI, lives on in San Bernadino, CA.

    Dr. Snowberg passed along his program and his blessing and now the great 29 year program can continue.

    I hope you can be one of the instructers there, as you were for Clown Camp. Here’s their web site: http://www.californiaclowncampin.org/

    Randall Munson

    • magicnorm Says:

      You are an awesome teacher Randall. I have enjoyed learning and laughing at several of your classes over the years! I hope the corporate motivational speaking is still going great for you! You have a great gift to share.

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