Norm Presents His Books to Key Largo Library

Minnesota Author Norm Barnhart presents one of his books to the Key Largo Library.

I like to donate my books to libraries and schools.  Kids and staff seem to be very interested in the books on Magic. The book is selling quite well for Capstone Press and many libraries across the nation have the books.

I love to promote reading with my comedy magic show. Over the past 28 years I’ve appeared in all fifty states and presented this motivational young readers with the magic show called the Reading Magician.  If kids do well in reading, they will do well in all subjects. Reading is important to study of history, science, writing and even math.

Magicians across the country have called and said that they saw my books at their local library while they were doing shows.  Recently Jim Kleefeld editor of The Funny Paper Magazine called and said he was doing a show and saw some new magic books. He is curious about all books on magic and when he looked inside, he was surprised to see me.  So he called the next day and ordered the set of four.  I have had articles appear in The Funny Paper over the years and last year became a regular columnist.

I wrote a column on comedy and magic for over 10 years in Laughmaker’s Magazine out of Syracuse New York, and Jim Kleefeld was another of the contributors to that magazine. He always has good ideas and routines and is a very clever magician with programs that motivate and inspire kids.

To learn more about my Comedy and Magic Shows in Minnesota check

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