Cool Opportunities to Travel and Teach in 2010

I look forward to 2010 and the many opportunities coming together for me to spread humor and teach on comedy techniques and humor as well as my magic inventions and ideas. There are conventions of entertainers that have invited me to perform and teach across the country including; Hollywood, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and cities in Kentucky and Georgia.  We are currently negotiating with groups in New York, Michigan and Jacksonville, FL.

I am very excited at the possibility of speaking at an upcoming convention in Australia.  The organizers have also invited me to tour throughout Australia and speak to magicians and entertainers in 4 other cities after the convention so this would be a fantastic way to see this beautiful land. Several of the cities have people who would be open to take me around and see the sites so I am excited to hang out with these fun people and see the wonderful land of Australia.  I have always wanted to travel to this fascinating land so this is a very special treat.   This art of Magic and Comedy has given me many cool opportunities to meet great people and travel to cool places.

The furthest travel this year will take me to the fascinating and beautiful  land of Singapore to speak with Dr. Richard Snowberg, Charlie Johnson and many other excellent teachers. This will be a very fun trip as I will get to enjoy the company of several other speakers who I really admire. I am also excited to meet the trainers from Singapore and other countries who will be there. I am sure I will learn so much from the other trainers.

I hope to come to a town near you and I look forward to meeting you at one of these events.

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