Business Tip for Performers: Teach a Magic Class

You can make extra cash teaching magic to children and adults. It’s fun and easy!

Magic classes are in high demand at YMCA, Libraries, Community Education, After Care Programs at Schools and many others. These groups can pay $$125-$200 for a class or two. It’s not a lucrative as doing a magic show, but it is a foot in the door that may lead to more work.  You could make the same money working table to table for 3 hours in a restaurant so this is an easy and fun way to fill in your calendar.  Make some extra money while demonstrating your expertise to a person who may need your show in the months ahead.  When they like what you do they will put you high on their list of people to call when it’s time to book entertainment..

Make EXTRA Revenue from Birthday Parties At a birthday party, you can increase your fee by offering a special magic class at the end of your show.  Learn 4-5 easy tricks off the DVD and you are in business. After you have booked the birthday show, offer the client a 15-20 minute magic class for the kids for just $35 or $50 extra.

Magic Class helps to sell your show and Get the Gig!! Put a client over the edge with a free magic class. For example you are about to book a county fair for a day at 3 shows for $800-$1000.  They are considering another magician or puppet show or a kid’s DJ.  Well you can offer to add on a free magic class between the 2nd and 3rd show and that could be a tipping point for them to go with you.  Simply spend some time with Norm’s Easy to learn cool Tricks DVD and you can teach 4-5 tricks and do a half hour class in no time.

What you need for the class:

You bring rope, pennies, cards and pencils. The supplies that cost you less than $10 and you can use them over and over again to make a little extra cash teaching the simple tricks from Norm’s DVD.  Look for the blue DVD “Cool Tricks for Cool Kids” Or the Yellow DVD on Easy Card Magic tricks Order Now:

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