Comedy Magic Conference Brings Amazing Minds Together

I had the opportunity to attend and teach at a recent comedy magic conference put together by New York City’s favorite kid’s magician David Kaye. This event was held at the Magic Castle Hotel  next door to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This was a very fun and educational event.

Magician Norm Barnhart visiting the Magic Castle

I would like to thank David and the gang for letting me come play with you last week.  You all were a fun bunch!!!

Master payne's Cool Book on magic and Meaning

Master Payne is a fabulous magician from Seattle who works Renaissance festivals as well as corporate banquets and family events. He is another person who I find to be a kindred spirit.  I think about magic in the same ways he does. I suppose we are so much alike that I guess one of us is not necessary – so I will go stand in a snowbank until my mind becomes a Popsicle.  I am half through his very creative and well written book,  Master Payne and I am either laughing or nodding my head!  The strangest part is that I find myself hearing your voice and cadence in my head as I read the words.  It is like you are speaking to me through the pages.  Stop it!  Never mind – I like it. You may continue.

Thank you again David for considering me to come and play with you and your cool friends. You are an amazing performer, I have always admired you and I don’t usually write fan mail, but, I love you, can I have an autographed picture?

The world needs more laughter and these excellent performers are spreading that good medicine and joy in so many ways. Keep making them laugh and I wish you all the best!

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