The Appearing Car Trick! By: Norm Barnhart

Many entertainers ask how to develop new and interesting comedy material for their acts.

First you need to look at the world around you and build off what is there.  There is nothing new uner the sun… But have you ever seen a magic trick done with a polly pocket? A dinasour or a hot wheels car?  These are things that are a big part in children’s lives and yet how ofter do we use them in our acts?

I will make a Hot Wheel appear from the hat and give it to the birthday child. Very basic and simple. Other stuff comes out of the hat, and the car is just added in – costs 97 cents and it is a hit.  If you are cheap, ask the parent to provide something to come out of the hat and ta-da you are set.

The Appearing Car Magic Trick!

One easy method to produce the car is this; ask to borrow the child’s baseball hat. (Before the show ask him to bring it to the magic show.)  the toy car is hidden in your hand and you hold the hat with the same hand that is hiding the car just inside the rim of the hat. This way the hat can be shown empty but then you secretly release the car and it falls into the hat jsut after you have finished showing the hat empty. Ask the child to wave their hands in a magical manner and then invite them to look into the hat again. A new Car!!!  It’s Magic!

This is an easy and effective trick that will add something cool to your act and also give them a keepsake to remember you by. It also does not use some fake looking magic prop and actually uses an item from the child’s every day world.

For girls just make it a Polly Pocket, hair barrette or some other item.  Ask the parents what the child likes. You may be surprised, my daughter is on a Hot Wheels kick right now and would think it was very cool if a car appeared in her hat!

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