How to put together a Magical Fund Raiser Show

Poster from Norm's Fund raiser Show

This coming weekend I will be presenting this fun, fund raiser Magic Show again. In this post I’d like to share some tips on how I developed this act and more later on how I market it.

Basically it is me playing three characters and the show runs about 60-65 minutes.  Groups will hire me outright to do the show and they then sell tickets or charge at the door.  I can also do this program for a percentage of the gate and they keep all sales from popcorn and treats. I give them many suggestions to help them raise more money. I also share with them how to promote it with marketing materials and press releases.

The point of this post is to explain the show and how I developed it.  Many magicians have an hour + long show with illusions and other cool things and if that is the case you are all set.  I wanted to do something unique and along the lines of red Skelton or Carol Burnett. This show features three acts that I do to showcase my versitility as an actor and performer.

The first act is me doing my comedy club, corporate magic stand up act.  I welcome people, warm them up with some comedy and magic and we build a raport. Then I switch gears and talk about how I enjoyed watching my dad laugh at Red Skelton’s TV show and how I always wanted to make him laugh too.   As I talk about my memories or creating laughter I apply a bit of tramp make-up and then when the music comes on I am set to do a silent movie type magic show that has won me some awards over the years.

In this act the Tramp guy discovers a suitcase full of magic and the magic starts to happen to him with comical and sometimes grim results.  It is inspired by Red Skelton, Charlie Chaplin and Stan laurel, even though none of them did magic.  it is also inpired by Cardini’s act with all the magic happening to the performer. After this I take a short intermission. Door prizes are given out and 4 minutes later I appear to thundering music as the Amazing Normondo the Great! This act was voted 1st place in the America’s Funniest Magician Contest in Las Vegas and has received good reviews from  several magic and entertainer’s conventions. The web site for this act is humorously titled.

The final act runs about 17 minutes and that finishes the show with a bang. Many people have commented that they did not realize it was the same guy doing all the acts. I guess I have succeeded as an actor and my hope is people leave the theater happy and satisfied from all the laughter.

I outline the show here to give you an example of what you can do.  Figure out a couple of your routines or as David Copperfield skillfully did, do some short stories with your magic as in his early TV specials. A story with the magic makes it memorable and dynamic.

Check out my site for Fund raiser magic at

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