Celeste Evans – World Class Magician


Magician Celeste Evans in the 1950's

Celeste Evans traveled the world performing her beautiful Magic act with Doves, Candles and other items. Her sleight of hand was excellent and her grace nd beauty filled the stage.  He was a regular performer for many years during the 1950’s at the Follies Bergere in Paris, France.

Celeste wrote two books that chronicle the funny mishaps that have happened during magician’s acts.  If you enjoy good humor as you read about magicians getting out of true life dilemmas, check out her book. “It Really Happened!”  Many of there stories are from the experiences of her friends in magic.

She was autographing her book, photos and posters at the Florida State Magician’s Conference at Daytona Beach.  She was also so kind in her words about my M.C. and Comedy Magic Acts. She wrote, “Fantastic performance.” That will go in my dossier for sure! Celeste Evans is a wonderful, warm and kind person who has many fascinating stories to tell about her lifetime in magic. Check out her book and enjoy the humor.

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