Minnesota Magicians Gather for Workshop in April

Comedy Magician to Teach at Minneapolis Conference of Magicians

This spring Minnesota Magicians will gather at the Family Entertainer’s Workshop in Minneapolis! This workshop brings magicians from around the nation to learn new comedy magic for family events. It is produced by Steve Kissell from Virginia.

Norm, the Minnesota¬† comedy magic entertainer will be a featured speaker at the Family Entertainer’s Workshop. He will also teach a special all day seminar on his magic and entertaining techniques. It’s magic and fun for everyone!

This Minnesota Magician also works at many conventions every year to bring his comedy magic to other magicians and entertainers.¬† He was a featured performer and lecturer at Daytona Beach Florida State magician’s Convention last October as well as in Norfolk, VA and Raleigh NC. His lectures for magicians have taken him to speak and perform at conventions in Boston, Hollywood, New Jersey, Kansas and Calgary, Canada. Next month he will teach in Winnipeg, Canada.

Comedy and fun are found for events throughout Minnesota at: Magician-Minneapolis.com. When you need a laugh for a company banquet or special event, check out the site for the funnest Minnesota Magician.

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