Booking More Shows through your Contact List

Part II

Find a way to remind your past customers about you in a clever way!  A quick and to the point post card is a great way to spark interest.  It can state your services to remind them about your act. It can be like a mini newsletter that talks about your recent successes.  Whatever you put on the card remember to include a reason for them to call you.

A call to action is the sentence that gives them a reason to call now and not put it off. Many schools need two or more presentations back to back. Offer a special discount on second show – if booked before a certain date.  Or even send a reminder to book now because the calendar is getting full. For example; book today for your Halloween event, holiday party etc. If it is April, send a card that reminds teachers of your program for end of the school year class parties. Offer a special bonus of a magic book for their school library when they book you by a certain date.  Be creative and offer some other bonus as a call to action.

Another call to action could be a free bonus report at your website on how to make money from fundraisers, or how to use magic in the classroom. Either way, invite them to respond in a compelling way that benefits them. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

A promotional post card to past clients is a great way to stay in their mind and if you are traveling somewhere try making a post card based on that place and then hand write a note on the back such as, ”I’m performing in Hollywood this weekend – I hope to be of service with my new buzz saw illusion.-check website to see it in action.”  You hand write this only once and have it printed on the card so you can send out to a thousand people without getting writer’s cramp.

The hot lead list is a list of people who have called in the past but booked someone else.  Maybe they choose a cheaper act, maybe they wanted Yo-yo guy or science show instead of magic last time. Whatever the reason, they considered you once and maybe it is time for them to book again.  If you put yourself in front of them with a brochure or letter you will be at the top of their list.

So what if they went with a cheaper act last time, it might have been an average program – now they are ready for some quality. They may have a bigger budget this year or simply wised up and realized that saving a few bucks on the entertainment was not a good idea. If you send them a note, or post card, they will remember you and it may come at just the right time when they are planning an event.

Take action and make a list of which groups you plan to market to.  Get to it and keep track of your results.

The one thing worse than a quitter, is the man who is afraid to start.”

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