Managing Contacts for Performance Success

To get more paid performances you need to have customers calling.  Ideally there will be a constant line of potential customers wanting to know more about what you offer. In business this is called keeping the pipeline full.

Just as a pipeline brings natural gas to power a factory, you need a pipeline flowing your way, filled with potential customers to keep your calendar full. We are in show business; you can’t have shows without doing the business.

If your calendar is full now, you  still need to prospect for new customers as businesses change. Some clients you have worked with may move away or no longer be in a position to hire you.

You need to make more people aware of what you offer and you’ll get more work.

You can make yourself known via advertisements, publicity and promotions. You can get more work by making yourself known and making people aware of what you offer. It is good to be in the public eye as often as possible so you will come to their mind when they need something like what you offer.

Before spending too much money on advertising in print or phone books consider the people you already have worked with. People who have hired you before can be a very good place to prospect for future shows.

Contact Management:

Contact Marketing is marketing to your contacts.

If you have been at this business for any length of time, you are sitting on a goldmine of leads for possible shows. This pile of leads is in your computer waiting to be marketed to.  They have enjoyed your show before  and maybe a simple reminder will encourage them to invite you again. Invite them to invite you.  Make contact with everyone on your list by phone, mail or e-mail and you will discover results.

Your list of clients and past leads should be divided into groups and each group should be marketed to specifically. Adult corporate parties and special event planners need to get a mailing that is different than the one going to children’s shows.  Tailor the message and you will find much more success than a generic mailing… But even a generic mailing is better than sending nothing!  Get up and do it. Watch for the results and track what methods worked best, so you can repeat in 4 months.

More on contact marketing in the next blog.

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