Avnar the Eccentric Wows them in Canada

The featured performer on the Wednesday Night show in Winnipeg for the W.C.A. entertainer’s convention was the one and only, Avnar the Eccentric. This multi talented comedy and variety act had the audience rolling with laughter.

I had seen parts of his act years ago and was very excited to see this crazy act in its entirety in person. The crowd loved his warm personality and charming stage presence.

He was a delightful and charming physical comedian who began the show by sweeping the stage and acting as the janitor. Minor problems ensued and they became major troubles that seemed to compound with each attempt to fix things.

He battled with his hat as it kept falling off his head just as he needed it most.  He is a talented juggler, and he tossed a variety of items including huge clubs, paper cups and he even balanced a ladder on his chin.

I was thrilled to take in a couple of his classes and he shared the secrets of comedy that he had discovered over the years.

Avnar will be teaching a week long class in California this summer and then also at “The Barn” training facility in July. Check his website for details.

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