W.C.A. Convention in Winnipeg, Manatoba

Wow! I’m really enjoying the WCA Entertainer’s convention here in Winnipeg. We had a terrific show last night with 21 acts including performers from Canada, all over the US and as far away as Malaysia and Japan.  I had the pleasure of being the comedy M.C. for the show and it was a blast. I tried out many new bits and they went over very well.

Today I was also the M.C.  for another contest/show and this one had 14 acts. The challenge as an M.C. is that there are 3 minutes spaces to fill between the acts as they are judged for their presentations. My job is to fill the time as the judges get it all together on the score sheets.  This is a terrific place to bring in some wild comedy and keep the audience guessing as they wait for the next contestant to appear.

I find this a very creative playfield where I can try out many, many new ideas and test the waters in a friendly environment. The crowd is very happy to have the diversion and I enjoy making some laughs.

One person told me today that with the wit and smile, I should be a game show host. Well that is a good laugh.

I also taught two classes on magic and comedy this week and will have another on performance and theatrical methods that will help these performers add comedy to their acts.

I have spoken and taught for this group’s annual conventions over the years in various cities including Albuquerq, New Mexico, Laughlin, Nevada, Orlando, Florida, Denver, Colorado, Peoria, Illinois and Ancorage, Alaska.  There is a good chance I will be invited to speak once again at their next convention which is in New York City.

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