Developing the Humor in You

In the workplace we need to Fight Frustration with Fun!

Is there a challenge in your office right now, a frustrating customer or situation? Take a fun break and rejuvenate your brain cells.  Mixing things up with a dose of fun can help you discover a solution to the problem. When you look at things differently you might just come up with an idea that you hadn’t considered before.

Bring a few toys or puzzles to work and have them on your desk. Get a rubber chicken and a magic 8 ball to help with decision making. You might come up with some odd or funny ideas but among them could be the gem of an idea you are looking for.

A few moments of fun for you and your coworkers can energize the team and help with dealing with frustrating problems.

For entertainers, this is a vital key to developing a more comic outlook and style in our presentations.

Try This creativity promoter…

Grab a few odds and ends and leave them on your desk… if you do kid’s entertainment then grab a plastic dinosaur, cow and a stuffed animal.  What is a way that they can be used iin your show as a gag, bit of buisness or as the focus of a complete routine?  Have them sitting around for a few days or weeks will give you ideas you haden’t considered before. Keep a note book next to the prop box and write down every idea goofy or unrealistic.  it is fun to play but it is also profitable as you develop routines and tricks that are original to you.

Do this with store bought magic props too.. Keep them on a shelf in view and consider the possibilities! Be different, be original and you will set yourself apart from the many who just do the tricks the way they come out of the box.

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