Abbott and Costello TV Series is now on DVD

The  Abbott and Costello Show was a favorite TV comedy in 1952-54. The classic TV shows are now  remastered and available on DVD.  There are some wild and crazy moments in these old comedy gems.

Interestingly Lou Costello said that they almost tossed out the “Who’s on First” Sketch because a relative said that it was not that funny. Fortunately the team did not listen to this relative as this became their signature piece.

This skit has been copied and re-done by several over the years to keep its memory alive. One funny version I saw was with a ventriloquist playing the role of Abbott and the Dummy as Costello. The goal of watching the TV series is not to copy, but to inspire your own creativity and comic sense.  Study the comic timing and the facial reactions and you’ll see how it is done by the pros.

I think the value in watching this type of entertainment is twofold. One, it inspires you by seeing the comedy timing in action and to understand good comedy writing and secondly it is just plain and simple fun. We need to fill our minds with humor and positive comedy.

These guys knew how to milk laughs and watching them in action is an inspiration to any comedy performer.

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