Harry Allan & Daytona Beach Magic

Harry is one of the funniest comedy magicians in the nation and travels all over to entertainers conventions to share his knowledge of magic and entertainment.

Norm with Comedy Magician - Harry Allan

I had the opportunity to share the stage with Harry many times and his one liners always leave the audience in stitches.  Harry has several books out that are filled with his comedy lines for magicians. He runs the Daytona Beach Magic Shop in Florida and heads up the Florida State Magic Convention.

Harry invited me to perform at Daytona Beach Convention last fall and I had a blast as M.C. one night and I also presented my Normondo comedy magic act.

The shop is filled with tons of magic and is a mecca for magicians. DO stop in and enjoy the amazing collection of props, magic tricks and gags.

Traditional magician's cups and balls on display at Daytona Magic Mike at the computer running the web for Daytona Magic

Magic shop full of fun and even a magic show by John the demonstrator at Daytona

2 Responses to “Harry Allan & Daytona Beach Magic”

  1. Rob Olson Says:

    My son Jake watched the card trick video last night and LOVED it! When I went to kiss him goodnight several hours later, he was watching it again! He’s fascinated by magic and I think you’re going to have a fierce competitor in about 10 years! You did a very fun and professional job on those.

  2. magicnorm Says:

    I am glad he liked the video. I have also written 4 books for Capstone press and these area available at almost any public library. The books range from easy to more difficult and are filled with many unique tricks never published before – because I invented them or they are unusual variations on old magic tricks.

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