Comedy adds fun to the Party!

This past two weeks has been a race from one High School Graduation lock-in party to the next.

It is fun to bring smiles to special events. When you find ways to tailor your act to various events you will have another market to explore.

As entertainers, we need to be flexible and adapt to various age groups.  here is the amazing thing.  All ares of people are just kids inside.  Everyone likes to have a laugh and goof off with their buddies once in a while.  Laughter is a great stress buster in the workplace so adults need a laughter break once in a while too.

You may think  that your act is only good for kids, but think of ways to change the presentation on the magic you already know.

At one of the parties I did last night I enjoyed seeing my buddy Dave from St. Paul do his fascinating palm reading for the high school students.  They were amazed at his insights and playful “readings”.

The High School Lock ins also bring in face painters, crazy spray painted color hair artists, character artists and walk around magicians. Some would say that is kid stuff.  Well, we are all kids inside and like to play. Be adaptable and you will find more opportunities to make some laughs.

The students enjoy the festive atmosphere and my hour comedy stage show is usually the hit of the lock-in. People come up and say it was their favorite part. I just like to make people haoppy and spread some smiles.

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