5 Ways to Get More Shows Now!

Comedy Magician to Teach at Minneapolis Conference of Magicians

This blog is intended for entertainers and several have asked about staying busy in the tighter seasons.  I will expand more later but here is a quick top 5 list.

1) Expand into other markets.  If you have a good show that grabs the attention of children – explore ways to do this in similar situations.  If you do schools – try for libraries… if you do fairs in the summer … consider Fall Festivals at churches in September and October.

2) Read the Newspaper. It is full of upcoming events that could use your skills. If they don’t need you this year – get a jump on next year. If you are open volunteer a half hour of strolling magic or balloons and let them see you in action.

3) Make 10 calls a day!  Open the phone book and select a market and start calling. In 2 weeks you’ll have made 200 contacts – you should have 1  show from that… at least!

4) Stop at 4 restaurants tomorrow and see about a strolling gig.  Handing out cards today will most likely bring more shows tomorrow.  You’d be surprised.

5) Improve your show.  Spend some time thinking and adding new and better material! Maybe tailor a theme show that you can use as you call and promote yourself.

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