Fictional Friction – Sparks from Balloons Trick

This is a cool way to spend a shower of sparks from two rubbed balloons

This is a fun trick that I came up with and published 18 years ago in Laughmaker’s Magazine from Syracuse, NY and distributed worldwide. The idea is still a winner.  When I do a lecture, those who have not seen this are amazed and want to add it to their acts.

Invite a child to come up and rub two balloons together to get some friction going. They rub and rub and you comment that it is like rubbing two sticks together to start a fire… all you need is a spark. At that moment reach down and point at the place where they are rubbing together… Zapp! A powerful spark is emitted!!!

How it is Done: You need a Sparking device – also known as the Fun-kin-ring. After the child rubs the balloons to generate some frictions, point and release the shower of sparks and watch them jump.  Then take the balloons and twist them into a fun balloon hat for the child.

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