Ten Simple Keys to a Better Magic Show #1

Your Magic Show will be the life of the party when you present cool magic tricks in a cool way. It is all in the presentation.

Success in magic is more than knowing how to do some tricks. The following are ten secret keys that will help you to be a better magician. When you know the showmanship and stage theatrical secrets you’ll make your magic performance more fun to watch. Your will have your audience wanting more.

Key #1 – Start Your Show with a Splash.

You need to begin with a good opening trick that will grab their attention and hold it.  This will draw the audience in and make them want to see more.  In a very short time the audience members will decide if they like the show. People are used to changing the channel and moving on if they don’t like something on TV.  In a live performance situation someone cannot change the channel, but this person can allow their mind to wander.  You do not want that!  You want to grab their attention and hold it.

Pick a trick that is colorful or has a quick surprise.  People do not have a lot of patience for a long drawn out card trick or mind reading stunt. Longer tricks can come later, but start your show with something quick and flashy. You will impress them with this magical stunt. They will then want to see more and they will respect you for being a good magician.


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