Ten Keys to a Better Magic Show #2

Key #2 – Relax and Enjoy the Show.

If you are relaxed and confident you will have a better show and the audience will like it more.  You will also work in a smooth manner and this will make your tricks look better. If you are nervous, it will affect your audience. It’s natural to be a bit nervous, but if you practice you will gain the confidence needed.  Every chance you get do the new trick for a friend.

You also get better with each show you do, so get out there and show your tricks to lots of people, friends, neighbors, associates at work. The more you do the trick the better you’ll get and less nervous you will be.

Before the show take a few deep breaths, smile and remember that your audience wants you to succeed.  They want to see a cool trick, so don’t worry, just be prepared through practice and do your best.

Howard Thurstan was one of my favorite magicians in History, He performed around the world with his huge show.  He traveled with railroad cars full of animals and props many assistants.  Sold out audiences crowded into beautiful theaters to see him and he would get a bit nervous before the show.  He would repeat to himself back stage before the show, “I love my audience, I love my audience.”   He wanted them to have a good time, yet he had to reinforce in his mind that he was going to have an enjoyable time with them and this helped him to relax.

The best cure for stage fright is to be prepared. Rehearse and practice your material and you will find yourself doing the magic tricks automatically and they you can have your mind free to entertain and communicate with your audience.  Smile and enjoy the show.

Practice each trick many times before adding it to your act. My favorite time to practice a new trick is after a show with a few people who are hanging out after the show.  SOme parents are not in a rush to leave and they stand around and talk so I present a few new tricks to the kids and parents who are hanging out.

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