Making Magic in Singapore

Normondo the Great

I am just wrapping up the 8th day of a whirlwind tour of Singapore.  There have been many opportunities to perform in beautiful venues here along with top performers from Tokyo and USA.

I was able to a come in a day early and speak the the Ring #115 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  They had a great turnout of over 50 magicians.  This is very rare, and everyone was so kind with their comments on the workshop.  I did two shows within the workshop – one being my Charlie Chaplin style magic manipulation act and the other the Normondo Comedy act that has taken me to some fun places.

The magicians really enjoyed Normondo and everyone got a picture with him after the show.

I have enjoyed hanging out with several of the magicians from this town and they have shown me the sights including the track through town for the Formula 1 Race coming up on  a month. It will be the first ever at night.  The friends I have met here are wonderful and I have had a great time motivating and encouraging the magicians with my inventions and comedy philosophy. has video of Normondo and other fun stuff.

Norm Sharing some of his Magic inventions at the lecture for Magicians in Singapore

The magicians were a blast in Singapore. We laughed a lot and several were very kind to take me on tours around the city!

If you need magic for a special event check out

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