Keys to a Better Magic Show #3 – Mirror – Mirror on the Wall

One of the best ways to improve is to practice is in front of a mirror.  You will get better because you are seeing what your audience sees.  You can see if the secret is given away or if you are holding your hands in an unnatural way. Look at your tricks from several angles. Once you have it down, turn away from the mirror and practice toward a bright light or window so you have the feel of being on a lighted stage.

The mirror will help you get the trick off the ground, but don’t let it become a crutch or you will find yourself looking at the wrong places and dependent on it.  It is there just to get you started and to see if you are giving away any part of the secret to the trick.

You magic can spread smiles and bring joy to people so take the time to practice and get it down right so that when you show it to your audience they will see it done right and in a way that will amaze them and make you look good.

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