Ten Keys to a better Magic Show Key #4 Video Tape your Cool Tricks

This continues the series on Keys to improving your show.  We all care about our audience and want them to have the best show possible.  If you find any of these keys helpful I am glad as it advances the art of magic and as individual performers and entertainers. These ideas are aimed at beginners and mid level performers, but anyone wanting to improve their act will find these suggestions helpful.

A great way to improve your magic show fast is to shoot a video. See what the audience reacts to and how they enjoy it. Discover the part of the show that drags and then find ways to improve that part of the show. When you discover what works in your act find ways to do that throughout the show. The camera will show you were you might be giving away a secret or the place where the trick is not clear to the audience due to handling of props in an awkward way. Within a short time you can improve a lot with this technique.

Even if you are desiring to improve or develop just one magic trick this is helpful. Set your video camera on a tri-pod or on a table and film yourself doing the trick at home. Do this three times in a row from front and then again from a little to the left and a bit to the right.  This way you can see how you look from a few different angles.  The camera does not lie.  If something looks wrong in your performance, you can fix it, then practice some more and then tape it all again.

Be sure to do the trick right through as if it was a show. You might notice that you say “uh” a lot because you are unsure about what you should say.  This can be corrected by using the key #5 and scripting your trick. Often we do not realize little things we do or say that do not add to the performance.  Getting rid of these things will help your show get good – fast.

More on my workshops that help magicians and entertainers improve their acts and add comedy at NormBarnhart.com also check out some video of me at MagicNorm.com.

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