My Recommendation that Bob “Bunky” Gretton be COAI Comedy Clown Entertainer of the Year.

This is a copy of the letter I wrote last year and I just came across it and thought it was still a good sentiment or a bob might say Sediment… but this wonderful entertainer did go on to be the Comedy Entertainer of the Year for the COAI and I am so proud of this great guy and all he has done to make the world a funnier and funner place!

There are four reasons that I strongly believe Bob should receive this esteemed honor.

#1 He makes me laugh.  That is what it’s all about as a clown tries to add some fun to this crazy world.  Bob is hilarious.  He is a very gifted comic who cracks me up.

#2  He is devoted to the art of clowning.  He strives for excellence in his make-up, costumes, props and performance.

#3  He has devoted many hours to share his knowledge and skills with other clowns at lectures, conventions and meetings… and he is not doing this to sell stuff, he is doing the lecture to really help people become better clowns.  He has much wisdom, skill and knowledge to pass on to us. This devotion to others and to our art is wonderful.

#4 Bob is a very funny clown.  Did I mention that he makes me laugh???

I hope these four points add to the consideration of a fine gentleman who is talented, sharing and wow, he really makes me laugh!

Thank you,


One Response to “My Recommendation that Bob “Bunky” Gretton be COAI Comedy Clown Entertainer of the Year.”

  1. magicnorm Says:

    I had a great time with Bob and Theresa last week in the Louville Kentucky area for a 5 day conferenceof entertainers. bob and Theresa did a great job with training and sharing their talent the youth. I enjoyed teaching a course in balloons for the youth.

    The kids then performed during the banquet final show on Saturday night. It was a very fun show and I enjoyed doing my Normondo act to close the show and my stand up comedy magic for the opening of the show followed by my tribute to Red Skelton. The organizer – Steve Kissell said, all reviews came in very excellent. Yay.

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