Key to a Better Magic Show #10 – Practice your Cool Magic Tricks

Practice makes better!  No one can be perfect all the time, but you can get very good with practice. Use the mirror and video to see your progress.

A great way to improve your sleight of hand skills is to take a deck of cards or coin with you where ever you go and practice while on the bus or in the car (if someone else is driving).  You can practice while waiting in line or in the lobby at the dentist office.

The more you practice the faster you will see your magic show get better.  You have to want to be better and if you want to improve the biggest secret is practice.

If you care about your audience you will develop your skills so that they will have a great experience.

Throughout this blog you will find the rest of this series of ten ways to make your magic show better. Strive to improve, apply these ideas. Go do it. You will be glad with the results. Your audience will be glad too.

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