20th Anniversary of KCD Convention a Huge Success

Steve Kissell assembled a great team of lecturers and dealers to the Louisville Kentucky area for the 20th KCD. Nearly 150 people participated in this entertainers convention. The featured performers this week were Duane and Mary Laflin on Thursday night and Norm Barnhart on Saturday night.

At the close of Thursday’s excellent show, the Laflins received a standing ovation for their awesome magic with a touch of comedy. The enthusiastic audience appreciated the wonderful entertainment. Duane’s smooth, classy  and polished demure held the audience spellbound as he amazed us with silks, rings, unusual props and finished with his spectacular flower productions. He is the headliner at a theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Opening act for the show was the fabulous Steve Kissell with a silent act that had us in tears. His musical candelabra routine was a scream! The crowd also loved the comedy magic of D.J. Ehlert  Wonderful bill in Lemon routine, Torn and restored News.  Fantasy Magician act.

The Saturday show featured Norm Barnhart doing his stand up comedy magic and then moving into putting on some make-up and doing his tribute to Red Skelton.  This silent act to old time music includes sleight of hand magic with the little fellow discovering magic in an old suitcase – The wand stuck to his hands, the balls appeared and disappeared, an egg appeared then was cracked into a handkerchief and a funny chicken was magically hatched. Norm’s handling of the floating ball had the crowd mesmerized. Next up were the youth that Bob and Theresa Grettons had coached that week. They did 6 skits that had the audience laughing and applauding. After the youth performed the final act was the Amazing Normondo the Great with his comedy spoof act of a Las Vegas Magician. Every trick has a surprise finish as the act seems to fall apart all around this proud magician.  Another Standing O.

A fabulous day of face painting and body art was presented by the wonderful “Mama Clown” Marcella Murand. She taught on beautiful mask designs, the most popular designs and expert brush techniques.

A two day workshop on business for entertainers was skillfully taught by Dave Risley. He covered the Psychology of Sales, making and closing the sale,  Features vs. Benefits,Marketing for entertainers and developing a show and taking it to market.   His vast knowledge from the corporate world was transferred into his booming business in the Eastern U.S.

A full day of balloon workshops were presented by Norm Barnhart. Norm taught on ways to improve your twisting with comedy and humor. He demonstrated comedy balloon hats, how to develop a balloon act, entertaining with balloons based on his book by that title, and magic with balloons based on his original routines found on another of his books and DVD sets. Norm also taught another day on Cool Magic for Cool Kids. This was a class filled with Norm’s original comedy magic routines and magic inventions. Discover more at NormBarnhart.aces-show.biz

Great lectures were presented by Penne Peterson on clown ministry and developing clown character and finding the humor within.  SHe also opened each day with stretch and exercise time that was very relaxing and helpful.

Duane Laflin presented a day with 4 very well received and educational lectures on Gospel magic. He covered how to do a great opening, closing and several tricks for the body of a show. He also taught on adding audience involvement. He also taught another day on comedy and magic routines as well as a class on ideas to energize the show, and another with 10 ways to add humor to the act. This professional magician has much to share with those who will listen and move on the ideas.

Bob and Theresa Gretton spoke on the red Nose Response organization and taught how to be an effective helper in these disaster situations. They also taught all the youth for a day with the Little Big Top track. Bob was the COAI Clown of the Year and is recognized for his excellence in comedy family entertainment.

Jeff Russ spoke on generating business for entertainers and also presented a class with his cool comedy magic routines.

Carol Coleman presented a class on Costuming and care of wardrobe.

KCD Convention Sponsors were = Majiloon.com – the makers of the excellent portable balloon inflating machine and  “Every day is a Holiday”  Carol Coleman’s great costume and supply company. EveryDays-A-Holiday.com

The comedy and magic of D.J. Ehlert can be found at  RestaurantMagicians.com

Now is the time to start planning for next year. There are special discounts for pre-registrations. KentuckyClownDerby.com Kentucky Clown Derby

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