Think Funny! Adding Comedy to the Show

One of the best ways to be funnier and and comedy to your act is to think funny!


The best way to think funny is to put yourself into comedy school. This is as easy as watching good comedy movies on DVD. Check out your library and enjoy the comedy of the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin! These films are also easy to purchase form on line stores like


Watch and learn from these great comedians. See what made you laugh and make a note on it. When you discover the style of comedy you like, you will then find it easier to write bits and jokes that fit your style and add that to your act.


Do you like the silent physical comedy of Mr. Bean or Charlie Chaplin or to you find yourself in stitches over the fast one liners of Groucho?


Observe the timing of these great comedians. Figure out how to change the timing on some of the material in your act.  Just a pause or hesitation could mean the difference between a small giggle or huge guffaw.


Start with one routine you already do and add comedy by thinking funny! Look at the prop or joke in a different way.  How can you add on a second laugh with a related comedy bit at the end. Can you change up the routine a bit with a funny sound effect, voice or one liner added in. Make a list of possible one liners and pick the best 3 then add them in.


It all starts with pouring as much comedy into your skull as possible and then watch what seeps out.  You are more creative than you think.




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