Three Ways to Add Comedy to Your Act

Three Ways to Add Comedy to Your Act  by Norm “Norman” Barnhart

There are many ways to add comedy to your act. Today I will touch on three. First, let’s consider the benefits. When you add comedy, the audience will laugh more and that is good exercise for their lungs and bodies. You will also need to bow more often and that will give you more exercise. So clearly there are tremendous health benefits for all involved .

Here are three ways to add comedy to your act

Accidental Accidents – Here is an example. A large foam magic wand is swung with vigor by clown #1, but somehow in her enthusiasm to do a good trick she swings the wand and accidently bumps clown #2 on the noggin. This seems accidental but actually during rehearsal clown #2 discovered just where to stand to get the maximum impact – in more ways than one.

The wand is waved and the rubber chicken is pulled from the hat. A Ta-Dah gesture is then made by clown #1 and the chicken is accidently swung into clown #2’s face… There is a chase off stage.

Why is this bumping around so funny to kids? Well, everyone falls down and goes boom and so we learn to laugh it off it a very young age. We also learn to laugh when someone else has a tragedy of the silly kind.

Misunderstood Misunderstandings. This is easy to do when a word means two things. This is the reason the comedy routine titled, Bandana Banana, works so well. It starts with one small misunderstanding and ends with a pocket full of banana parfait.

Another example is misunderstanding the children as they say, “Abra-cadabra” and you think they said, “have a banana,” or “Gramma pajama?”

Many episodes of Jackie Gleason’s classic TV show, – “The Honeymooners” began with a small misunderstanding that lead to comic and epic proportions. See where you can add a few misunderstandings and add some comedy to your act. These, “Oops I misunderstood.” moments will bring more laughs and you will soon be hearing more laughter and getting more exercise from all those bows.

Comedy Captions – This is my word for cracking a “one liner” so the yolks on you. For example waving a magic wand up and down and saying, “wow… this looks like a windshield wiper.” The line or joke is simply a caption to a movement you are doing on stage. You then make a rubber chicken appear from the hat and hold it up and say a funny line… What is the funny line? Make a list. Hold up the chicken and say whatever you think will get a laugh.

At this point probably just about any comment you make about this straggly bird will get a laugh. Freeze that moment in time, then write a list of “lines” that can go with it.  Here are a few to get your comedy cranium commencing to create.

Another one:  Chicken appears from a hat and you act terrified and say – “Uncle Charlie… what did they do to you!”  Is that funny? Try it and see. Or…

Chicken is held up and you jiggle it around and say, “Wow, . . . shake and bake!” Why is this funny… part of it is the delivery you give it and part of it is simply that you are holding up a rubber chicken – at that point you are almost to the finish line.

Another – Hold up the rubber chicken and, look at it and say, “Larry? Hey – its Larry Bird!”  Well that may be a bit dated but hey maybe you can update it and give your bird large earrings and proudly introduce Lady GaGa.  Then make her dance.

Make a list and pick your favorite one and add it to your act next time. If it fails, try another one.

Now the comedy football is in your court to make homerun with this hat trick.

Just take the above three methods and apply them and you can take any act you already do and add more comedy.

Now, go make them laugh.

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