Jim Howe Delights Audiences with his classes on comedy and how to apply make-up.

A delightful class on make-up was presented by Jim Howle titled, Creating a New Look. Jim brought up four volunteers and applied make up to the faces. “I once did faces on 17 firemen simultaneously – while Rome burned.” The session was educational as he gave suggestions on how to skillfully apply make-up and the class was also very funny as he jested with the volunteers and audience.

Jim also shared funny stories of his days with the circus and his life as an entertainer. Jim recalled, “I grew up being taken to the movies by my aunt on Saturdays. I wanted to be John Wayne, but somebody was already doing that.” Or another story about his life, “My parents were very poor, they couldn’t afford kids so the neighbors had me.”

Jim also saved time by giving answers to the four most asked questions, “Yes, No, sometimes and maybe.”

The evening show on the first night was the Star Search Contest featured the comedy of Jim Howle as our MC. This was a fun show featuring people performing talents other than clown skills.

Rolo did a crazy bit of stand-up comedy as he taught us how to give a cat a pill.

10 year old, Jessica did a fabulous hula hoop routine finishing with 8 hoops at once..

14 year old Phineas was up next and presented a comedy mime and magic routine including the juggling of 9 tennis balls the hard way.  “I will do this while wearing a blind fold… around neck – I’m not stupid.” Phineas finished with a hilarious three knife juggling demonstration while eating a French pastry.

Miss Taken brought a comedy routine with a school theme and a wacky black bird and some ventriloquism

Jimmy was up next with a musical magic routine and included dressing up with a volunteer magic with Jimmy’s hands there was a vanishing hanky and magic appearing cane and balloon twisting.

Mark Marrandino presented a loving ukulele song to his wife.

Norm B presented a bird whistling number ending with the Hungarian National Anthem

Cido feom NYC caused a sponge ball to magically vanish and appear inside an inflated clear balloon. It had us talking well into the night wondering how he did it.


It is magic and fun for everyone as entertainers study and learn more about their are at conventions such as this one in Mystic, CT.

The closing night’s banquet show was Normondo the Great. AboveEverything.com

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