Magic in Mystic Connecticut – Convention for Entertainers

More on the Mystic CT Entertainers convention. The event had many classes with great ideas for kid show entertainers.

The next morning began with a great lecture titled, What’s New in Magic with Dave Risley. This workshop was filled with solid comedy magic from his day care work.

The second lecture for the day was a class titled, Wild Birthday Party Shows with D.J. Ehert. He presented a birthday party show for us, and then went into a description of how he put the act together. He had many fun and flashy tricks with rope, a raccoon and other fun items. He also shared how he does a fantasy magician routine where the child is the star of the trick. He shares how structure of the show and control of audience is important. He likes to strike the balance between being serious and in control that allows them to know they can have fun. D.J. also shared many tips on working at restaurants. He loves to have a close relationship with the wait staff and helps them to realize that he will not interfere, but enhance the dining experience for the guests. They have discovered that the tips are better for the staff while he is there.

A fun filled lecture on Comedy Pocket Magic was presented by Tom E Boy. He shared his comedy routines using silks, rope, sponge balls and flowers. Tommy says that kids now days see so many amazing things on the computer, so performers need to make their shows very different by setting ourselves apart with the stories we tell. The stories add entertainment and fascination to the tricks.

Steve Kissell lectured on Family Fun Shows. He believes that the children’s party should also be fun for the adults. He loves games because they involve everyone. He shared that comedy comes from seeing things in a different way. We were entertained by this veteran performer as he shared games and activities that involved the whole audience. He also showed cool card tricks including his patriotic version of Sam the Bellhop. Steve is a wonderful professional who is a great example of entertaining with excellence.

Carol Coleman presented the next workshop and this was a delightful class titled Costumes, Wigs and Accessories..Oh My! She had many ideas for making your clown stand out. The participants entered competitions in magic, face painting and balloons. There were some very funny acts that stood out.

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