P.J. Webber Chavez Magic School Graduate and Master Magician

This is Part 3 in an article by Norm B.That was the cover story on the F.C.M. Magazine.


To stay a full time professional P.J. had to apply his creativity.  “I could make my giant RV disappear, but that was a novelty act. I had to think about who would pay me to make their motor home disappear. Radio Stations have mobile studios, I figured I could do that at fairs and then there was a sponsor for the show.”

“I could also use the same method to make a monster truck disappear in the middle of a race track and so that market took off and soon I was doing many monster truck shows and auto races.” He would adapt the trick to fit the need. “It is thing to make something big disappear for a television special and then a totally different thing to bring this large illusion into the real world.  You do this kind of thing when you are young – its always, the bigger the better. When you are older you realize that the job is to entertain these people and the deliver a memorable message.  In the end you really want them to realize the importance of life.  If you can introduce someone to Jesus you have done something of value for eternity.”

“My favorite Gospel Magic effect is Gene Anderson’s News trick with a message about how our lives are torn up with sin and how only God can restore it.” The goal of P.J.’s show is to entertain them. “We have a good time and I then leave them with one main Gospel message with a few bullet points. Too many scattered messages is not as effective:”

This is the same as with his work with trade shows, “Grab them, bring them in, and hit them with message.”

“In my school show I encourage the kids to read. It helps them become better students. If they read, every year will get easier and easier. If they don’t read, their schoolwork will go downhill.”

P.J. believes that creativity comes from two directions. “I think it is best to take a message and figure out the trick to go with it.  However, sometimes the magic effect is stronger and you want to put together a message to go with it.”

He loves magic and wants to do it as long as it has meaning and is is fun, “when it gets t be not too much fun, I’ll go get a job.” This has been his full time occupation since 1971 and he still loves it.

“I was a Chavez Magic School Graduate. It was called the College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigition.  “I learned a lot from Neil Foster. Important things like how to walk on off stage, handling props and blocking. Things like stage presence and focusing audience attention are crucial to a successful magic show.”

“My focus now is Campus Crusade and Youth for Christ and church programs and banquets.”  He has done a lot of colleges, libraries, schools and he still loves to do birthday parties..

It’s been an awesome job and it has taken me around the world and I have some great memories.  P.J. Weber lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his sweet wife, and magical assistant Tina. They are currently working on a show that will not require a huge truck and trailer to bring. This act will fit in the mini-van and include a few smaller illusions, to do at corporate banquets.  PJWeber.com.

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