A few routines for the Dove Pan Illusion – By Norm B.

Are you a magician or entertainer looking for a fun kid show routine to add to your next birthday party show? Here are three easy routines that will bring some smiles.

The Dove pan is a great utility prop that can be used to make things appear or to change one thing into another. Most magic dealers can provide you with one. You can use it in many ways over the years so you can change your show around with a new story or routine yet using the same prop. The standard method is to put a bit of flash paper into the pan and light it. The lid quickly put on to extinguish the flame and then when the lid is lifted off a lovely dove magically appears. Remember to put a pot holder or cloth in the bottom of the pan so the bird’s feet do not get too hot.

Here are other ways to use the Dove Pan.

Magic Hatchery: An egg is cracked into the pan and the lid is put on the instant incubator. Invite the children in the audience to all blow hot air toward the pan to warm the egg and then take off the top to show it has hatched!!! “Wow, a live bird has magically hatched.” This can also be done with a dozen of those little yellow fuzzy birds that can be handed out to the kids at a birthday party.

The World’s Fastest Magical Silk Worm. A little silk worm puppet is made from connecting 5 “pom-pom” balls together. Give it eyes and antenna made from pipe cleaners. The silk worm is walked along and then placed into the pan along with some leaves and covered. “Silk worms eat a very special blend of Bamboo leaves to produce silk.” All of a sudden the pan appears to be moving in your hands and the speedy silk worm is hastily making something with magic. Lift off the lid and a large, beautiful silk butterfly scarf is pulled out and displayed. “Wow that silk worm can move fast!”

The Amazing Fleas Twist a Balloon Animal Routine by Mr. Norm

If you would like to see my comical routine using the dove pan and balloons then click on the link. You will go to my website and click on the U Tube of Norm’s original routine where trained circus fleas blow up a balloon and twist it into a balloon animal for the birthday child. www.NormBarnhart.com


About Minneapolis Magician Mr. Norm – MagicNorm.com

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