Thanks I.B.M. Magician’s club in Fort Wayne for the nice review

This is a nice note the president of the local Magician’s club sent after my lecture for the members last Sunday.

“If you’re looking for a lecture that will help increase your arsenal of magic for children, then look no further than Norm Barnhart. His lecture is packed full of very usable material that will help increase the entertainment value of your shows…I give Norm Barnhart a 5 out of 5 wand rating.”  Terry Owens, President of the A. H. Stoner IBM Ring 221

I love to encourage magicians to add comedy to their acts and try new tricks. My workshop is filled with original magic tricks and inventions that help others to add fun to their shows.

The lecture was held at the famous Stoner’s Magic Shop in Fort Wayne, IN. It is run by Dick Stoner.  This magic shop was set up by his dad over 50 years ago with the help of Abbott’s Magic Co. in Michigan. A very cool magic shop with over 3 floors of costumes and supplies for the theater and magicians.

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2 Responses to “Thanks I.B.M. Magician’s club in Fort Wayne for the nice review”

  1. Terry Owens Says:

    Hi, this is Terry Owens president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 221 in Fort Wayne, In. I just wanted to add a follow up to my original comments about Norm’s lecture. I’ve gotten great comments from some who attended the lecture in Fort Wayne. It’s great to know that when you bring someone in of Norm Barnhart’s caliber, you’re making an investment in the people who will be attending…that’s priceless!

    • magicnorm Says:

      Fort Wayne has some wonderful magicians to entertain at family parties and school and church events. Terry you are one of the best! Keep making them smile!

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