New book: Cool Kid Show Magic Released

My new book of kid show magic routines and magic inventions has been release.  The first review is now in…


Norm, I wanted to congratulate you on your 130 page book Cool Kid Show Magic, it is pure gold! Very informative AND inspiring as well. I especially liked that you have placed valuable articles in between the routines. The photographs added well to the explanations and I enjoyed seeing your snapshots of you in action. The font choice and size make it an easy read and I was taking lots of notes as I read along. Job well done and keep up the great work. Full and part time entertainers really need books like these to inspire them to improve their programs.

Yours in Laughter,

Steve Kissell

Motivational speaker, Convention planner

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One Response to “New book: Cool Kid Show Magic Released”

  1. Josip Alajbeg Says:

    Norm! I love your new book! Many great ideas! THX!!! Jozo Bozo

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