Comedy and Magic that makes adults feel like a kid again

Recently I taught at a convention of entertainers in Indianapolis, IN.  I taught my original comedy magic tricks as well as comedy writing techniques.  I also was their featured performer for the Friday night show that was open to the public. The convention organizer just sent this kind note


“I’ve been an entertainer for 20 years and I’ve learned many magic “tricks,” and even knowing how they are done, when Norm performs them, I don’t SEE the telltale signs of illusion.  I’m like a little girl again watching a magic show for the very first time and thoroughly amazed at what I see.  Recently, I got to see Norm’s performance through my sons’ eyes, and they are STILL talking about him!  Watching Norm perform is truly an experience.”

Angie Gonzalez


More can be found about the comedy magic in Minneapolis at:

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2 Responses to “Comedy and Magic that makes adults feel like a kid again”

  1. Linda Says:

    Attended the COAI convention in KC April 23, 2012. Norm is a wonderful instructor and great magician. Loved the shows he did while there.

  2. magicnorm Says:

    It was very fun to be in Kansas City for the COAI convention two weeks ago. It was nice to see you there Linda.

    This year has been a whirlwind with events in Winnipeg, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Chicago. Next stop, shows and lecture by me at the Magic Castle then teaching at U of San Bernadino, CA. I better learn how to spell that.

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