Comedy at National C.O.A.I. Convention

I had a blast at the C.O.A. I. Convention in Kansas City. It was fun to see so many old friends and make some new ones.

As a featured performer I presented 7 lectures on topics such as comedy writing and my magic inventions. I also enjoyed doing a 50 minute show on Wednesday night. The crowd was great! I love hearing all the laughter.


2 Responses to “Comedy at National C.O.A.I. Convention”

  1. Debbie Fowler Says:

    My son, Kenny (Kidder) and I attended the COAI convention in Kansas City where Norm was a featured performer. It was wonderful seeing him again and watching him perform and interact with everyone there. He makes everyone he comes in contact with feel special. And that is particularly true with my special needs son, Kenny. Besides being a very talented magician and performer as well as an excellent instructor – he is a caring person. Norm makes me laugh. Laughter is so good! And its not the small little chuckle – its “laughter”!!!! From the belly. He has such energy = dynamite! I am anxiously awaiting California Clown Campin’ where Norm will be instructing – the first week of August! It’s not too late to register. Go to and check out the “extras” Norm is offering for free for attending this school. You won’t be sorry! Can’t wait.

  2. Julie Says:

    Norm was the crowd favorite at our recent convention! His humor makes you feel like a kid again. When he entertains you always want MORE! I can’t wait to see him again and see what crazy antics he has instore for us next.
    Ps. His Normando personna is a RIOT!!! And handsome too. :O)

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