New Book & Lecture well received at the Magic Castle

Magician Norm Barnhart visiting the Magic Castle

Cool Magic Book




I had a blast at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, presenting 6 programs for the magicians and their guests. I also was there to present my lecture for the magicians. They gave it very nice reviews and will blog a report on that later.

The new book is getting an interesting variety of responses.

Several magicians have written to tell me their favorite tricks in the new magic book.  Two cruise ship magicians liked certain tricks and told me they were adding them to their acts with good results.

Enjoy the day!

Norm MN Magic Guy

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2 Responses to “New Book & Lecture well received at the Magic Castle”

  1. rhurley73 Says:

    I was not familiar with your work before I saw you on the Magic Castle lecture schedule. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the lecture but I was so impressed by your website and YouTube videos that I ordered several of your videos, books and routines.

    I’ve been working on adding children and family routines to my repertoire but so much of kids magic on the market doesn’t fit my personal style. I’m delighted with everything I’ve received. You’ve given me dozens of practical tricks and ideas I can add to my show right away! Move over Silly Billy – make room for Norm!

  2. magicnorm Says:

    You are very kind. I look forward to meeting you sooner or later. Have fun making them laugh!

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