Magic and Fun on the Pumpkin Train in Osceola, WI

This past weekend I had fun bringing magic to the crowds at the Pumpkin Train in Osceola, WI. They had a couple bouncing stations, a Haunted Train Station, lots of cool railroad items and two different railroad car rides. There were also sled dogs, face painting, games, prizes, magic, and free pumpkins. It was great family fun and my 5th year or so doing this fun event. Many people from the Twin Cities came and enjoyed the warm days. Image

Kids and even Grandparents laughed at the comedy strolling magic.


Discover more about magic shows in Wisconsin and Minnesota at



Everyone is loaded up and ready for the ride home after a visit to Dresser, WI on the Pumpkin Train from Osceola. The train ran back and forth several times each day.


I have also worked the Harry Potter Train and the Thomas the Tank Train event at the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul, MN. Trains are fascinating and kids love to check them out.  


I live in Minnesota and I enjoy performing as a Magician in Wisconsin.  We are set to bring the magic of Reading show to a school in Wisconsin in November. I also have several magic shows set in February at schools for I love to read month in Wisconsin. After this appearance I had to race on to other fun events.  Saturday a Fund Raiser and Sunday a Birthday Party.

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