Minnesota Entertainer Shares his Comedy Techniques with N.Y.C. Comedy Group

NYC Comedy Workshop.

Following the Boston Magic Convention I drove down into Long Island and did a lecture for the entertainers in New York City.  A nice crowd came out and we had a lot of laughs as I presented my ideas on comedy and how to add more amazing magic to your act.

They seemed to really enjoy the ending of the evening as I presented my comic tribute to the golden age of comedy. I introduce this act by talking about the influences of Red Skelton, Laurel and Hardy and others on my performing style in my younger days. Music starts and the act is like a little silent movie with a small case of magic that is discovered and various funny tricks start happening to me. It is a fun act to do and I love to hear the laughter.

Cido in NYC 2012

Jason, Norm and Cido in NYC after Norm’s Magic Lecture Nov 2012  These guys are some of the funniest entertainers I’ve met! I’ve known them for many years now and always love their comedy work.

I love New York!  Thanks so much Cido, Jason and the gang in NYC for inviting me to your gathering of entertainers.  I hope you all have a great year ahead as you spread smiles and laughter. It was great to see you again.

There are some excellent funny people in NYC available for company events, festivals and even family birthday parties.

I love doing magic and comedy in NYC. I wanna be a NYC Magician. If you have a group that would like a lecture for entertainers, please check out NormBarnhart.com

Comedy magic adds fun to banquets and parties. CharityMagic.org is the place for Minnesota Magicians for fund raisers. You can also contact me through that site for comedy entertainment at schools, festivals and company parties.

Past Events in NYC

In 2011 I was invited to M.C. and teach at a convention of entertainers in NYC.  I shared my ideas on comedy writing and magic inventions I have developed.  The 4 lectures I presented at this convention were well received. I was M.C. for three programs at this convention.  Very fun!

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