Magical Growing Seeds with Surprise Rainbow Climax

“Kid Show Comedy”    .  By Mr. Norm

                This is a fun way to bring fun to your magic show with a standard prop – our old friend the Dove Pan. It is very colorful magic that will delight the little ones!!

What They See:   A few seeds are placed into the pan and a bit of water is sprinkled into the pan from a plant sprinkler. The performer comments that “Rain helps the seeds to sprout and make the plants grow.”

The lid is placed on and the children are invited to blow warm air toward the pan to help the seeds grow.  “The seeds need warmth along with the rain.” The performer reacts as the magic seeds seem to sprout in the pan. The pan is bumped back and forth from the seeds growing inside. (it is all acting.)

You add the comedy by how you react. The secret of comedy comes from your reaction to what is going on.  This is situation comedy. Are you surprised that the seeds seem to be growing with such speed? As the pan is bouncing around is it pulling you to the left or the right? Does it knock you on the jaw?  The kids laugh at your predicament, but they also love to think that they are have a part in the cause of your struggle. The more they blow the more the seeds cause the pan to bounce and the more you are tossed back and forth. This is classic kid show comedy!

This is physical comedy that will make them laugh with delight.  It looks like the magic is out of control and you are in trouble.

Then the cover is removed a bunch of flowers fall out onto the table and the magician comments, “Wow, thank you for helping to make the flowers grow and look at this, after the rain came a rainbow.” From the pan pull out a long silk rainbow colored streamer and wave it over your head like a rainbow,  This is colorful and makes for a nice big production.  

How it is done. The long rainbow silk is accordion folded into the pan and the flowers are stuffed on top. The flowers are the silk variety found at Michael’s and other craft shops.  Find a bouquet of 15-20 one inch daisies and take the flowers off the stems. A flower can be given to the birthday child – or they are quite inexpensive and you can give one away to each child if it is a smaller group.

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