Kimmo’s Tips and Trix Lecture Notes

The “Tips and Trix” lecture notes by Kimmo, have set a new, higher standard for lecture notes that simply are so excellent in quality and content that few others will be able to exceed or even attain. John Kimmons is a very talented and funny English magician and ventriloquist.   The first reaction to these notes is the fun, and clever, full color cover. Can you judge a book by its cover? In this case – YES!

When I paged through this beautiful set of full color lecture notes it is instantly obvious that the author cares about quality. The high standard of eye catching graphics, layout and bright lush colour make these unusual lecture notes a masterpiece of magic literature.

However, content is more important that image, and in this regard Kimmo does not let us down.  The tricks are very clever and well thought out routines that would add laughs and amazement to any kid show.  There are clever twists on old principles that are brought up to date with clever plots and some subtle twists and additions that make them more amazing. Included is presentation, jokes and ideas to maximize audience impact.

Did I mention that this set of notes is revolutionary and unique?  Included is a CD disc of art so the magician can take an effect, print it out and then laminate to finish the colorful prop. All you need to do is take a quick trip to a printing shop to print and laminate and pesto, you have a new prop.  These effects pack small and play very big.  This is a remarkable use of technology that takes this set of lecture notes to a new level.

In olden days, the lecture notes described how to make something and the magician gathered the supplies and tried to make them look colorful and professional.  In these new notes Kimmo has taken a couple steps out of that process and now the tricks and very easy to put together with a quick print and laminate process. He gives you all rights to build your own tricks from his colorful artwork. The art is very sharp, vibrant and kid friendly.


But wait there is more! On top of the fabulous tricks, Kimmo has several essays on kid show presentation that are worth the price of the notes alone.  These include the approach to acting that Kimmo uses and five things a kid show performer needs to know for success in business. He also has a page with some good ideas on approaching Facebook.  He wisely discusses what to do with noisy parents who are a bit disruptive during the show. My favorite was the essay on making the magic magical. Its all very well thought out advice from an expert who has made thousands of audiences laugh.

One of the interesting effects in this set of notes is, Incy Bitsy Surprise. This is an effect that adds a very fun variation and punch finish to the classic card trick “Spelling Bee.” However Kimmo has eliminated the tricky sleight of hand and taken the trick from being a card trick and turned into an audience involvement effect using cute animal cards and a clever surprise spider finish.

Another effect included here that plays well to older kids and adults is The Big Race.  This is a kid show effect based on an old Supreme effect called Turtle Race by Harry Keyl. It was one of Edwin’s favorite effects and he almost always carried the little set with him in his pocket.  Kimmo has made this into a stage effect and all you need to do is print out the color pieces from the CD and you are ready to race. Three kids are involved and somehow as if by magic the birthday child always wins.

Bunny Hop is a funny routine where the kids think they know what is going on with a hat and a rabbit picture, until a frog magically appears and the bunny ends up on the performer’s back. This is the kind of comedy trick that plays very big and gets them on the edge of their seats.

Toy Box Trouble is a clever routine where it appears that all is falling apart until the kids help the magician work the magic it out in the end.  All graphics to produce this are right on the handy CD. You need to assemble and laminate, but this is simple compared to the way lecture notes have been done where you create the prop and do all the art yourself.

This set of lecture notes is a very good value. The quality is beyond any lecture notes I’ve seen.  The “notes” are sharp, colorful, and creatively presented. Included is complete art for instantly printing out the graphics on a CD for these very inventive, clever and amazing tricks. Any of these tricks could have been released separately as a kid show prop and sold at much more than the notes themselves.  A very good value and you will discover some very amazing and unique kid show magic.

The link to buy the notes is here:, or you can go to the store page on my website:

Trix in the Sticks, Magic, lecture by Kimmo  Check it out!

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