Thank you Tampa Florida for inviting me to Teach Magic & Comedy

Dear Florida Friends!

Thank you to everyone who came to our workshop and play time at Clearwater. It was fun to do the interactive improv and comedy writing class. I hope everyone enjoyed that.  Everyone did a wonderful job getting involved and adding comedy to the the workshop.

I also enjoyed bringing some magic ideas for the performers to entertain and share love with hospitals and hospices.

A super big thank you to Leslie Gibson for envisioning the idea of having a special training day for the clowns of West Florida.  Thank you to the gang that drove up from way down in Fort Lauderdale.  Thanks also to Dave for the awesome tour guidance of the beach.

My daughter enjoyed the visit a lot and we had a great time.  Thank you!

Up coming tours take the comedy classes for entertainers to Portland, OR, Singapore, India and maybe possibly Malaysia and Hong Kong.


Cool Magic Book

Cool Magic Book – this is getting very nice reviews in magician’s magazines. It has lots of fun comedy routines for kid shows such as birthday parties and scouts.


Next year I am also scheduled to teach workshops in England, Chicago and Vancouver, Canada.  I enjoy meeting so many cool people show like to bring comedy and magic to family audiences.





It is fun  to bring workshops on comedy and Magic to entertainers around the nation and the world.

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