Last night was a blast at Ogilvie Elementary School for a PTA Family night.


The director of the program just sent an e mail that included the following…

“I wanted to thank you again for coming to do your show at our school last night. Everyone (both kids and adults) had an AMAZING time!”  – Jen D. Family Night Organizer

The parents and the kids giggled and laughed throughout the program and the kids seemed to have so much fun participating in the magic tricks.  I also love to promote reading during the program so I am a motivational speaker for kids and families.  I want to get people excited about reading.  I know that reading will make such an impact on their school work in all subjects.

wi 2 crop-schoo yes

Magic Snowman appears as we talk about snow and awesome books such as “The Snowman”

I have toured the entire U.S. promoting reading in schools for the past 30 years and continue to pursue this goal.  I was the first Minnesota Magician to do a reading magic show and have been much copied and not duplicated.  Many librarians have commented that this was the best show of its kind.  I just like to do my best.

The goal is to encourage reading and I like to do it in a fun and fascinating way.


more at

This motivational program is perfect for I love to Read Month or other school events in Minnesota.


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