About Comedy Norm

Cool Magic Book

Cool Magic Book

This site is designed for magicians and entertainers who care about their audiences and want to make their acts the best possible. My goal is to share from my 30 years of performing as a full time professional.  This site is for people looking for new material for their acts, for articles on comedy writing and comedy techniques and for information on other cool entertainers.

Readers of this site have a desire to improve their acts through comedy and magic.

Update – Norm’s new book!

My new book has received some nice reviews.  Please check it out at NormBarnhart.com


5 Responses to “About Comedy Norm”

  1. Harry Says:

    Looking forward to learning all I can. Learning from a pro is not only great but very inspiring as well. Thanks seems so small a word but know it comes from the depths of my heart.

  2. Jorjan Plimmer Says:

    Just watched Norm’s DVD’s “Cool Comedy, bits and gags” and “It’s comedy! Thoughts for clowns” . Loved them both so much, I have to have more from Norm.

  3. Judy "Peep" Cornett Says:

    I so enjoyed your article in the current issue of “Clowning Around” and wanted to know if I could submit it to the Texas Clown Association’s (TCA) “Joey Journal”. I had never heard of you or your site until this article and think some of the other TCA members would enjoy the article. This would be value add to TCA membership and I personally want to read more about you.

  4. Kevin Jones Says:

    Just been on the Creativity at Sea 2013 cruise where Norm presented his lecture on Creativity & use of Humor. It was a great session and I would recommend Norm to any Magic and other Entertainment clubs who want a different lecture/session from the norm (pun intended). Norm was also part of the group for the week and it was great to learn informally from him and his lovely wife.

    Thanks Norm for your great session and friendship too.

    • magicnorm Says:

      Thank you Kevin, I really enjoyed the cruise and appreciate the kind words. I love to share my magic ideas and be an encouragement to creative thinkers, like you. Have fun as you entertain.

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